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Urban Snake Catchers is a part of the company Urban Reptiles Pty. Ltd. We are a family run business, with a huge concern for safety, both yours and Australian wildlife. We offer affordable, professional and helpful snake catcher service. Our team, Joshua, Brad and Sandy have worked with reptiles for over 15 years and have a real passion for the snakes and reptiles of Australia. We want to keep all reptiles safe and help people understand them a little better because this keeps us all safer. We believe that education saves lives and so we always strive to use our snake relocation’s to help keep people safe via education.

Each member of our team is trained, qualified and licensed to catch and release any snakes or lizards that may find their way into your home. If you need any assistance or advice you can trust our team to help you out in the best way we can. If you have questions about snakes in or around your home, our team loves to share everything they know with you.


Sandra is the mother at Urban Reptiles. She cares for most of our animals being rehabilitated


Joshua has always been passionate about reptiles and spends most of his time around them, learning, photographing and catching.


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